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The cunning red part 2

" ok this is your room Fiona." Said sally as she I Open a door to a room.

The two walked in the room and Fiona looked Around the room.

" so what do you thing?" Said said.

" I love it." Said Fiona as she Turned and looks at sally with a Smile.

" I'm glad to hear that." Said sally as she was about to walk out of room. But Fiona stop her by Grabbing her Arm.

" Wait!... Before I get Settled could you show me Around The Castle?" Said Fiona.

" well... Ok. I think it good to have some girl time." Said sally.

Then both sally and Fiona walked out of the room. they Spent a boom Half an hour looking Around The Castle. Then they Entered the Royal Art room.

" Wow, These are Absolutely beautiful Paintings. Does your father Collect them?" Said Fiona as she looked at the Paintings.

" Yeah well but only from this Painter George Sea otter." Said sally as she Pointed at a Painting of Painter. In the Painting was a Brown Sea otter.

" he Painted all These?" Said fiona in Surprise.

" Yep, he's last Painting was this one." Said sally as she showed Fiona the Painting that sally tell her about.

" is that." Said Fiona.

" Yep it is." Said sally as she Smiled and looked at the Painting.

The Painting was a Brown Female Chipmunk in a Blue dress. The Brown Chipmunk looked like sally.

" is she?" Said Fiona.

" my mother... She Shortly Died After Painting was Finish." Said sally then she have a little tear coming from one of her eyes.

" I'll sorry to Hear that. " said Fiona.

" it's ok." Said sally as she Wipes her cheek.

Then Fiona sneakingly kissed sally on the Cheek.

" w-what was that?!" Said sally as she backed away from fiona in Shock.

It was just a Friendly kiss. So don't Cry." Said Fiona as she Smiled at sally.

" well ah.." Said said sally but stop When she Hear her father coming from another door.

" what is it?" Said Fiona.

" my father coming we need to go now!" Said sally as she and Fiona ran out of the Art room Before Sally's father came in.

" and this is the Royal Art room and can you tell me why you and the Police want to be at the ball Tonight Detective shadow?" Said the king as he show Detective shadow the Art room.

" well your majesty we Received a Letter by The cunning red. It's that she is going to Steal one of your Prize treasures Tomorrow night. We Believe we can Capture in the Act that why." Said Detective shadow.

" I see I Understand." Said the king.

" so These are the Paintings Which you are going to sell at the ball Your majesty?" Said Detective shadow.

" yes but not this one Detective." Said the king as he Pointed at the Painting of he's Wife. " it's one of things I can not sell."

" ok your majesty me and the Police will be here watching over at the time of the ball Tomorrow night. So you have Nothing to worry about." Said Detective shadow.

" Thank you Detective." Said the king.

At the night of the ball it was Huge. All the Important People came from all Corners of Mobius.

Sally was Wearing nice blue dress and she was Talking to her Friends. Then Fiona Wearing a Fancy dress walked over to sally with Smile.

" sally may I have a Word with you?" Said Fiona.

" why yes Fiona. By the way These are my Friends Amy and rouge." Said sally as she shows Fiona her Friends. the Pink hedgehog was wearing a White dress and the White bat was a Purple dress.

" why Hello i am fiona." said fiona.

" Nice to meet you." said amy.

"Shall we go then... Nice to meet you all." Said Fiona as she and sally walked away from the two.

" Where are we going Fiona?" Said sally.

" just something in my room I Want to show you ." Said Fiona

Sally and Fiona walked on the Dance floor. Fiona stopped walking and so did sally.

" but first Shall we have a little dance?" Said fiona as she takes out her hand to sally.

"Oh... Ah ok I Guess." Said sally as she Slowly take Fiona's hand. Then Fiona Quickly Grabs Sally's hand and She pulls sally Closer to her.

" Shall we my Dear." Said Fiona as she Starts dancing with sally.

" your good at this." Said sally as she looks in Sally's eyes.

" and same for you." Said Fiona.

They dance for a good 5 minutes then they stop.

" that was good Don't you think." Said Fiona.

" yes." Said sally with a Smile.

" Shall we go to my room now?" Said Fiona.

Sally nod her Head for a Answer.

Then both walked out of the ball room and After a few minutes they Entered Fiona's room.

" ok so what is this something you Want to show me then?" said sally.

Fiona walked to her Closet and pulled out a Squared board Which was Covered by a Blanket. She put it on a Chair and pulled off the Blanket Revealing a Painting.

" wow it's Beautiful Fiona!" Said sally as she looks at the Painting Surprise.

" Thank you." Said Fiona.

as sally was Still looking at the Painting, Fiona walks Behind sally.

" Wait... This Painting looks Familiar." Said sally as she looks Closer at the Painting and then she Remembered. " this Painting is my fa." Sally said but was cut off When Fiona Grabbed her and she put a Hanky Which have chloroform in it on Sally's Face. Then sally Quickly went to sleep. Fiona holed did Sally's Head.

" Sweet dreams... My love." Said Fiona as she Smiled and kissed sally on the Lips.

To be continued.
Part 3 Will be the last one.

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Hypnowasp649 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
I knew she was going to 'steal' Fiona. And now I want to see the next part.
DARKZADAR-ZERO Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i am interested to  find out what happens  next  for a second at one point i thought one of them was going to pose for a painting while the other painted it kinda like that scene in Titanic ^^ 
1914guy Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
It great that you are thinking Outside the box.
DARKZADAR-ZERO Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
laqb Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Fiona did come to steal the king's most valuable treasure, but wasn't the painting.
1914guy Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
Excited for what happens next?
laqb Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
a little...
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